AGlaze range of products designed specifically for RMP for the Superyacht market.


superyacht hull cleaner

Superyacht Hull Cleaner is a professional heavy-duty cleaner designed specifically for Superyachts. Our Hull Cleaner has been formulated to break down salt build up and exhaust deposits. Simply wash down as normal or for areas with more stubborn deposits the Hull Cleaner can be applied undiluted using the trigger spray.

Available in 1 litre with trigger spray and 5 litre containers.
1 litre with trigger spray = € 50.00
5 litre containers = € 200.00

superyacht shampoo

Superyacht Shampoo has been specially formulated to clean all yacht surfaces. Safe for use on paint, gel-coat, glass and stainless steel. Our shampoo also contains our AGlaze sealant that leaves a protective coating after each wash. Superyacht Shampoo does not contain any acids or alkaline and is Ph neutral. This product is highly concentrated and goes a very long way.

Available in 1 and 5 litre containers.
1 litre bottle = € 45.00
5 litre containers = € 150.00

Superyacht High Gloss Polish

Superyacht high gloss polish has been designed to be used in any temperature and can be used in direct sunlight on any painted surface. Our polish fills any holograms or swirl marks and leaves a protective coating that lasts for up to 4 weeks. The gloss that this polish leaves is incredible and leaves the surface silky smooth. Simply apply by hand, leave to dry and buff off.

Available in 500ml bottles = € 50.00

Superyacht Deep Cleansing Cream

Superyacht deep cleansing cream has been designed to remove stubborn stains and to bring back gloss levels. Can be applied by hand to any painted areas to remove exhaust stains, black streaks, fly rust etc. Can be either buffed off by hand or washed off.

Available in 500ml bottles = € 50.00

Superyacht Glass Sealant

Superyacht Glass Sealant is a cleaner as well as a sealant. With its Carbon Polymer properties, this product leaves a Hydrophobic barrier that stops rain spots and salt water marks forming and prevents calcium build up from hard water. Maintaining the sealed glass becomes a lot easier and eliminates the need to use vinegar on the glass. 250ml will cover approximately 15sqm.

Available in 250ml bottles = € 45.00

Superyacht Stainless Steel Polish

Superyacht Stainless Steel Polish has been formulated to both polish and leave a protective coating. Our polish will remove rust and salt water marks with ease. Its non-abrasive liquid properties ensure that the stainless-steel is deeply cleansed without scratching.

Available in 175ml bottles = € 35.00

Superyacht Teak Cleaner

Superyacht Teak Cleaner is a one-part cleaner. Simply dilute the product and scrub the decks and rinse off to bring a deep colour back to the teak. As our product is not acid based it will not damage the surrounding painted or stainless-steel areas.

Available in 1 litre bottles or 5 litre containers.
1 litre with trigger spray = € 45.00
5 litre containers = € 180.00

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